Our objective is to help the wider environment by minimising waste in the village and surrounding area.  ROAR (Reduce Reuse Recycle – Old and ARound) was set up in June 2019 in Old when some villagers decided to build on the existing caring community spirit.

The first step was to publicise what can already be recycled, through the council service and through other means.  Villagers were often already sharing, reusing or recycling rather than simply throwing away items and a list of other opportunities for doing this was prepared.  This list has grown as awareness has grown and can be found at “What to do with it?”.

From bread loaf bags to popcorn and nuts packets, Pringles tubes to biscuits and cracker wrappers, toothbrushes and toothpaste tubes to plastic ring carriers from drinks cans or the packaging from dishwasher tablets – ROAR is now helping local residents recycle all manner of items.

Collecting bins can be found around the village, the main ones being by the side of the village hall.

Assisting charity where possible is a bi-product of minimising waste and ROAR collects various “hard to recycle” items for recycling with Terracycle UK and other recycling organisations. 

ROAR also co-operates with other organisations, especially where the Terracycle schemes are oversubscribed or where the group has not been able to set up its own drop-off point for a particular item it has developed relationships with other local collection points: old pencils and pens go to Pitsford School for their Writing Instruments Recycling Programme, in return for the school’s empty crisp packets for instance.

Empty pet food packets are taken to a drop-off point in Milton Keynes (but only when someone is making that journey anyway of course!) while old inhalers are taken to a pharmacy for recycling.

Old pairs of glasses go to an opticians for the Vision Aid scheme, stamps raise money for Macmillan Cancer Support, old mobile phones go to Marie Curie in Kettering and unwanted soft toys are found new homes with children living in war zones thanks to The Teddy Trust.

There is also place on the Isle of Wight that makes old inflatables and paddling pools into bags,”

We try to work with as many other groups and organisations as possible to find a way to reuse or recycle items. People have really supported us and it’s created a really good community spirit. The message we try to promote is quite a serious business, but we wanted it to be fun as well.”

ROAR aim to help villagers “Think before they buy or bin”, to not only recycle whenever possible and share for reuse, but to be more aware of the environmental impact of what they purchase.